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ooh la laura

A life + style website featuring affordable and practical style, beauty secrets, diy projects, recipes, organization, and all the feels about motherhood and marriage.
sweet friends
Ooh La Laura is a passion project and creative outlet of mine since 2014. You will find a new post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday as it relates to...
  • Style for all seasons
  • Budget-Friendly Beauty Buys
  • Details on our home projects
  • Inspiration + Organization
  • Recipes
  • Real talk: Motherhood + Marriage
  • Plus so much more

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Spicy Salmon with Mashed Cauliflower

Salmon: the best thing you never had. If you think you don't like this high protein, omega-3 dense fish - then you haven't had it prepared correctly. Luckily - it doesn't take much to get this filet o' fish just right. Before we dig into the spice and seasonings - here are a few reasons you should ... VIEW POST

3 Easy Dinners using 5 Ingredients or Less

CHILLS.  Walking through the grocery right now sends chills all over my body.  Empty shelves, limited options of meat available, produce thoroughly picked through and all that remains of the eggs and milk section is surreal.  You know it’s a crisis when the almond milk has been ... VIEW POST

Cauli Oats: Comfort in a Bowl

I know you guys, I want to eat all the comfort food right now too. I want to hole up with a big bag of chips, an endless supply of cookies, and a few quarts of ice cream. Junk Food, Junk Spirits However, seeking comfort from these junk foods can actually increase levels of depression. In ... VIEW POST

Soaking Up The Sunroom

It’s happening friends, I am finally, finally, getting to the house project blog posts.  A few of them are coming up on their one year anniversary. I thought it may be time to get my butt in gear and show y’all some of the transformations we’ve made. Sweet Sunroom The sunroom.  The ... VIEW POST

FASTer Way to Fat Loss

Started From The Bottom... Last March, after endless bouts of yo-yo dieting, I finally caved to the fact that you cannot out-exercise a bad diet. Though it has taken me several methods, trials and errors, and frustrated days to get here, I feel like it was all a part of the plan. When we are ... VIEW POST