The Power of Simplifying

A Simplified Life by Emily Ley

 A Semi-intentional Amazon Purchase

I started reading A Simplified Life: Tactical Tools for Intentional Living this week.    I am organized-ish and felt like I could probably get by with some tips from [author] Emily Ley’s Instagram feed [@emilyley], but my compulsion to spend, spend, spend has yet to lift from a month full of “add to cart, confirm purchase, success” and so into the Amazon cart and to instant download it went.  A Simplified Life: Simplified Planner

Daily Planner // Emily Ley

I followed the promotional posts during the book launch in the fall and one “#ASimplifiedLife Top from November 9, 2017” stuck out:

“When you wake up every morning, gather all the dirty clothes / towels / etc in your house (it won’t be much!) and put them in the washer on speed cycle (no sorting, just use Shout color catchers). Put it in the dryer. Fold. Put it away. Every. Single. Day. Because it’s a tiny load, it’ll be doable. But the laundry will NEVER pile up again!!”

A month ago, our family [with me at the helm] implemented this new plan of action to tackle our laundry situation. Prior to this, laundry piled up for [at minimum] 6 days for the kids, 12 days for me and at least 30 for Taylor.  Laundry Day [whenever it found its way on the calendar] became a HUGE undertaking and because of that, it was practically never completed [hello laundry baskets with half-folded clothes sitting on the stairs].

Curious about that teeny space we call a “laundry room”?  Click here to check out how we transformed our laundry room with a $25 cabinet from the Habitat ReStore.

One Small Change

It was December.  My husband was on one of his two back to back week long business trips and my 5-year-old, suddenly adamant about going Pull-Up free at bedtime, saddled me with wet sheets 3 mornings in a row.  Since I was starting the wash, I decided to throw in the 2 pairs of underwear and the 3 outfits from the day before.  After two mornings of this routine, I was sold [on the laundry, not so much the undies at night situation]. I realized this is the kind of LIFE-CHANGING MAGIC Emily Ley was talking about.  

Books like A Simplified Life: Tactical Tools for Intentional Living can be overwhelming if consumed all at once or ineffective if read and then forgotten about after the final page.  I felt so inspired after the first two chapters, but can’t do it all today or even tomorrow and luckily I don’t have to.  Simplifying your home is much like losing weight: it’s a lifestyle change.  No quick fixes, you have to put the work in and little by little the results will unfold.

Folding is Important!

How Do You Eat an Elephant?

Answer: hopefully NOT AT ALL (looking at you Jimmy John’s guy…), but really: One Step at a Time.  Every Sunday, I will be implementing a tactical tip, a simplified step inspired by A Simplified Life: Tactical Tools for Intentional Living.  Want to join in on the simplifying?  Grab her book here. 

Last Step!

Grab your mama, sister, brother, and besties, share the post, use the hashtag and let’s keep 2018 simple, together.  Follow along on the gram: @laura_canfield or #SimplifiedSundaysSeries.


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