The Mom-i-form

mom-i-form: (mom-i-fawrm) nan identifying outfit or style of dress worn by moms (perhaps several times a week) while they run errands and tend to the never-ending needs of their children.  

The mom uniform, you know, the one you throw on when you need to run to the grocery store before picking up the kids at school, running them to a lesson or a practice,  racing back home to throw some chicken in an Instant Pot while working on “homework” together.  It’s the go-to outfit that you throw on and look suddenly pulled together enough for carpool, but comfortable enough for some nap-time binge watching on the couch.

My mom-i-form changes with the seasons, but usually includes the basics: denim & cotton.  The spring teasing weather here has us all guessing what we’re going to get when we walk outside, so this week [yep, I said week] I am prepared for whatever the Kentucky forecast has to offer.  

Yep, that’s a baby doll, Batcave, turned over baby mirror and heating pad thrown about our room…because this is life with kids.

 Open knit cardigan: Forever 21 [similar]

White V-Neck Tee: Old Navy

Black Denim: Articles of Society/Nordstrom Rack

Kristin Uggs: 6pm [similar]

I’m living for these ripped black jeans right now.  They provide just enough stretch for this post-partum bod but also enough structure to keep my rear in gear [unlike leggings].  Old Navy is my go-to for inexpensive staples like layering tees and tanks.  They are cheap and replaceable in the case of a laundry mishap [looking at you, husband].  One can never have enough drapey open cardigans.  I wear this one religiously.  It is the perfect thing to throw on or throw in a bag, plus it was under $20 when I purchased it last spring!  Pick up some of these staples and you’ll be the most casually cool mom in the carpool lane ;).


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