The Mom-i-form

mom-i-form: (mom-i-fawrm) n: an identifying outfit or style of dress worn by moms (perhaps several times a week) while they run errands and tend to the never-ending needs of their children.   The mom uniform, you know, the one you throw… Continue Reading

Mama Needs a Date Night//Style

It’s been a long 29 weeks of not quite feeling like myself. I am so grateful for a a night out and also for finding this stretchy little tee shirt shift at Old Navy (currently priced at $7.50!!!!) that hugs… Continue Reading

I’m Bossy // OOTD

Going back to work has been bittersweet.  Sure, I miss the grins and giggles of my littles [I certainly don’t miss the meltdowns], the schedule we kept, and the glorious nap times where I caught up on my shows.  However,… Continue Reading

Mom’s Night Out//ootd

When I’m shopping these days, I don’t buy anything unless I have a specific occasion already allotted for it, but sometimes I just can’t help myself.  Earlier this summer, I fell in love with these H&M high waist white denims… Continue Reading

Styling The Bump//ootd

Now that Aria is one, I’m fighting off any traces of baby fever with nuclear force.  Luckily, I’m not ready to hand my body over so selflessly, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love being pregnant and finding a way… Continue Reading

Teeny Weeny High Waisted Bikini//ootd

Life is finally returning to normal after our week long vacation with 80 of our family members.  Hilton Head delivered the sunshine and heat as promised which was a welcomed break from the [endless] stretch rainy days in Kentucky. As… Continue Reading

Bar Star//ootd

I have to admit, I have an affinity for the Bar III Spring/Summer 2015 collection at Macy’s.  I have been tempted to scoop at least one Bar III item up per visit to Macy’s, but have had considerable restraint.  This… Continue Reading