How to Organize a Closet for Free

I have just days [waaah!] left in my maternity leave and my sudden urge to get this house in order is coming in at full speed.  I am reorganizing our home’s most neglected places such as the pantry, the kids cupboards, the hall closets, our master bedroom closet and a place that I’ve let linger in disarray far too long: our master bathroom linen closet.  

I’ve always had some pretty grand plans for this little linen closet.  I’ve pinned several swoon worthy, basket filled, precisely labeled linen closets, but whenever I find myself in a basket aisle at TJ Maxx or HomeGoods or heck, even at Walmart, I get overwhelmed by what I need, what I want and how much I don’t want to spend.  I don’t know if you’ve heard but organizing with baskets can be a pricey undertaking, even when you are going the cheap-o plastic containers + spray paint route.  This Pinterest perfection pressure is why I’ve neglected this tiny little space for so long.

That all changed yesterday when I opened the door and saw things clearly: I don’t need everything in a perfectly labeled bin.  I started by taking every single thing out of the closet and then going through it all one by one.  I am actually surprised the amount of crap that has been hiding in this teeny, tiny closet.  

You wouldn’t believe the amount of expired medication or bottles with just 1 lonely pill left we were hoarding.  I actually found Amoxicillin from 2012 for not only myself, but for Taylor too!  I combed through all the cold, cough, fever and pain relievers and then through all the First-Aid-ish items that had been scattered across the bathroom.  This was literally half of my battle.  

Random assortment of pills and vitamins, plus it’s always good to have a pregnancy test on hand!

Every pill has a place, every thing in it’s place

 After the great medication organization, everything else just fell into place.  Towels were folded.  Toiletry bags were cleaned out and stowed along side hair care and the Clarisonic [which I want to use but am terrified it will make me break out!]

Someday I hope to have a linen closet with all white towels.  For now, mismatched will have to do.

Chemical cleaners on top where little hands can’t reach

Most likely, the toilet paper will get the privilege of a basket and those random towels and sheets will relocate to the hall linen closet once it gets reorganized.

I cannot believe the euphoria this closet gives me when I open it now.  Not only did I get this bad boy organized, I actually gained free shelf space.  This may not be as pretty as a Pinterest picture, but after 4 years of closet chaos and $0 spent, I am quite pleased with the progress.

Is there a space you’ve been neglecting because of the pressure of Pinterest?  Let this be your inspiration that organization isn’t about labeled baskets and Pinterest perfection…it’s simply about throwing out some old pill bottles and folding up towels.  Now…onto the hall closet!


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