about mei'm lauraI’m a list girl.

1. I’m a 29.75 year old wife to 1 [Taylor, 30-something] and mom to 2 [Noah, 3 and Aria, 11 months]the fam
2. My life long love for shopping and fashion drove me to major in Fashion Merchandising, but my need for an actual income ASAP steered me away from a career in fashion.
3. I was born & raised in Cincinnati, bleed Kentucky Blue, bounced around from city to city  [NOLA, Chicago, NYC], and finally settled in Louisville.
4. I attended catholic schools for 12 years, 4 of which were spent at the most *fabulous* all girl’s school in Cincinnati [Ursuline Academy].
5. While I love to pull outfits together, most days you will find me in my mommy uniform of a t-shirt and shorts [sweater and jeans in winter].
mom uniform
6. I can be painfully shy [which may be misinterpreted for bitchy] and find it very difficult to be extroverted when I am new to a situation [so trust me, taking pictures of myself is torture!]
7. I live for an head-clearing run and hot yoga class.
8. I’ve been told I’m Type A, but I think I toe the Type A line.  I think my closet can clear up the confusion on my personality type.
9. I love a hodge podge and that’s what I am for Ooh La Laura to be: a hodge podge of all my passions and hobbies.
10. I make hand crafted gifts/items [ burp cloths to painted signs to party decorations].  I sell all of these goodies on my Etsy shop, Polka Dot Cheeks!
Hang around and check out what all the “Ooh” is about!
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  1. This is so awesome Laura…hard to believe my little red-headed baby girl who loved dressing, un-dressing and dressing again her barbies or watching movies as much as she could, has grown into this beautiful, talented young woman/wife/mommy. Words truly cannot describe how proud I am of you and how much I love you!!!

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