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Simplifying Sunday Series

If you are new to the series, check out the past two posts here and here.   This series is inspired by the book A Simplified Life: Tactical Tools for Intentional Living by Emily Ley.  Ley outlines incredibly simple tips when put into action, can make for a simpler life on a consistent basis.  All at once the task at hand can seem daunting so I am tackling the tips laid out in the book one by one.  This week I am tackling [chapter 1] the unavoidable kitchen junk drawer [and the office junk drawer, utensil junk drawer and a few junk cabinets].


How Many Junk Drawers?

How many junk drawers are too many?  Is there such a thing as junk cabinets? Asking for a friend.  I thought I only had the one where all the miscellaneous pieces of life end up until I realized the one in our “marker room” [also known as a dining room also known as the office].  So two, definitely two.  But you and I both know it doesn’t end there.  By the time I counted all the places where the messes have come to multiple, I was left with 4 drawers, 2 cabinets, and 1 shelf.

junk office

What.  Is. Happening? utensil junk drawer

You can’t even see the broken ones circa 2006. Bibs Bottles

Oh hey bottles, we haven’t used you in 2 months.   kids cabinetAt minimum, we could set a table for 10 toddlers; none of whom will eat the dinner on their plate, all who will suddenly be starving at bedtime [insert major parental eye roll].

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

This experiment in de-cluttering our home has been infectious.  Every time I check one area off my list, a new one pops up.  The little by little adds up and sure enough, our home is becoming one that runs on less quantity and more quality.  The broken measuring cups from my husband’s first college apartment: why? goodbye.  The near-empty roll of ribbon: why? lazy bones, that’s why, goodbye.  The exorbitant supply of pint cups: why? My husband is bordering on hoarder status…ask all the t-shirts in his closet. A battle for another day.

Oh ya know, just sifting through bills from 2014 among a pile of junk.

Having a filing cabinet is the only way I can handle paper-clutter…and even then, it’s not a slam dunk.

We use none of these.  None.  Rags to Riches, y’all. There’s 4 quality bibs in our bib basket…the rest saw their glory in 2012…where they should have stayed.

Micro v. Macro

The top drawer of the filing cabinet already had pen holders and small plastic bins and I was slightly tempted to start fresh with a new organizing system, but this is a lesson in contentment in addition to simplicity so I stayed strong and carried on.  In the book, Ley basically makes you pinky promise that you won’t buy one single thing to”make simplicity happen”.  She also touts the benefits of macro-organizing.  What’s the difference between micro and macro?  I found that it is essentially choosing not to over-complicate the process with extra contraptions which may look pretty, but ultimately cause more chaos.

cleaned upI’m not even sure what I threw out, but good riddance. Employed MACRO over MICRO in this drawer by not breaking it down any further than this.  Batteries, you live in peace among the pens and sunnies.

It’s so simple. 

 Reality Bites

The reality is we had been pulling a rotation of the same 5 plates for our children’s meals.  We had been fishing for the one bib that can withstand the table manners of our 1 year old.  We’ve nearly broken a drawer by shove-closing after retrieving a needed utensil. By definition, it’s been insanity.

The syringe situation is out of control.Not terrible, but plates and cups tend to topple out on the daily.

Down to the favorite plates, cups and syringes [apparently 5 is our magic syringe number]

No but seriously, why?  

Progress, not perfection folks. All the rejects hanging together on this adorable tray from Target Y’all, the koozie clutter is real and it multiplies faster than the Kardashians.

At Long Last

At long last, [or rather, those precious nap time hours had come to an end], breathing room has been uncovered in 4 drawers, 2 cabinets and 1 shelf.  Drawers shut.  Cabinets open and coffee cups don’t tumble out.  And we still have enough pint glasses to go around a table…twice.  Bless.

So tell me, how many junk “drawers” is your house sporting?  What kind of valuable space could you uncover on a Sunday afternoon?  Grab Emily’s book here and follow my Simplifying Sundays Series on the gram: @laura_canfield or #SimplifyingSundaysSeries. 

Next week: Chapter 3.


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