Suspend Louisville // Guest Fit Crashing

This month, I reconnected with my former Ursuline classmate, Meaghan Stakelin a.k.a The Fit Crasher, for my first Louisville fitness studio review. Meag’s been crashing fitness studios all over the DC and NYC areas in an effort to report the good,… Continue Reading

Stay Forever Young // That Mom Life

I told myself I wasn’t going to write anything because I had likely expressed all the love I feel for a boy who is asleep in bed, just hours away from turning 4 years old.  I told myself, I’ll just… Continue Reading

Door turned Desk: Part II // DIY

ICYMI, in the summer of 2014, we purchased a $10 hollow core door from our local ReStore.  We used the whole door and remodeled a filing cabinet to create a “built-in” kitchen desk.  This was part one of our “Kitchen… Continue Reading