Croppin’ Around the Girl’s Section//ootd

Don’t you hate when you prove yourself wrong?  Is there any worse defeat?  When crop tops first popped up this season, I moaned and swore to never bare the slightest glimpse of my “carried two babies” belly by wearing a… Continue Reading

Beach Babe Birthday Bash

If you read my post on August 7, 2015 then it’s no surprise to you that I had a birthday party to plan!  If you’ve previously attended any of my children’s parties, you would know that I spent the two… Continue Reading

A Quest for Control//Skinny Mom

Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9 and 10 am, you can find me busting out a few miles on the treadmill in our basement.  I’ve kept this routine for nearly a year and it’s quite possibly the only… Continue Reading

Mom’s Night Out//ootd

When I’m shopping these days, I don’t buy anything unless I have a specific occasion already allotted for it, but sometimes I just can’t help myself.  Earlier this summer, I fell in love with these H&M high waist white denims… Continue Reading

Laundry Room Reveal//That Home Life

Once upon a time there was only one measly wire shelf in my laundry room   Gosh, that was awful!  Luckily, after stumbling upon a diamond in the rough at the Habitat ReStore and remodeling it, I can say that… Continue Reading

Styling The Bump//ootd

Now that Aria is one, I’m fighting off any traces of baby fever with nuclear force.  Luckily, I’m not ready to hand my body over so selflessly, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love being pregnant and finding a way… Continue Reading

A Year//That Mom Life

Why are first birthdays such a milestone moment for mothers?  It’s not as if our worries are over, far from it; they have only just begun.  Ahead are big caution signs with bold warnings of dangers such as broken hearts,… Continue Reading