HAPPINESS IS: Still Chugging Along…

Fear not followers, I have been keeping track of my “Happiness” daily, but just not posting!  Here’s a recap: Wednesday, March 18: HAPPINESS IS: Underwater For some reason, I have been extra sensitive to all the constant noise in my day. … Continue Reading

HAPPINESS IS: Springing Into Place

Try as I may, I am having a difficult time uploading my daily Happiness posts so this will be another compilation of happy days! Although these don’t make it to the blog every day, I am writing them down nightly! … Continue Reading

HAPPINESS IS: in a Nutshell

My 6 year old Macbook has seen better days.  The “T” is missing from my keyboard, the screen is black for the first few times I open the computer, and it can’t ever be disconnected from its charger.  These things… Continue Reading

Happiness is: Inside a box labeled “Laura’s Treasure’s”

March 8 During naptime on Sunday, I convinced the second messiest person in our house (it’s hard to beat out a toddler for the #1 spot) to help me reorganize the storage shelving in the basement.  It is 3 long… Continue Reading

HAPPINESS IS: Out of the Mouths of Babes

March 7 On Satuday, the weather was 40+ degrees and the snow was in perfect shape to make a snowman.  Being the wonderful Dad that he is, Taylor took Noah out to play what was left of our [hopefully] last… Continue Reading

HAPPINESS IS: Surviving The Fall

March 6 It’s got to be one of the top fears for every mom.  You come home to a panick-stricken husband, a crying baby, and a bug-eyed toddler.  Moments before, Noah was playing in the basement, Taylor was fixing Aria… Continue Reading

HAPPINESS IS: Playing in the Snow

March 5 We are 16 days away from the first official day of Spring and there’s a snow storm ready to clobber our city and our sanity.  On Wednesday, school was cancelled in anticipation of the sleet and snow (FYI:… Continue Reading

HAPPINESS IS: Organized Chaos

March 4 The other day I brought up an activity table for Aria.  Of course, when I turn it over to switch it on, I discover we had taken the three AA batteries that it takes to run other toys. … Continue Reading

HAPPINESS IS: Being Proactive

March 3 I have always hated when Taylor had to go out of town on business.  In 2013, he spent most of July in New York while I played the full-time single mom card at home.  Back then, it wasn’t… Continue Reading

HAPPINESS IS: Skipping Town

March 2 My corporate, bigwig sister is lucky enough to travel to great locales for work.  A few weeks ago she asked me to accompany her on a business trip to Napa.  My fear of flying, mixed with anxiety about… Continue Reading